Top 10 Wedding Photography Questions

We shoot a lot of weddings. Like a lot. There are some great questions that come up frequently when talking to engaged couples looking for a wedding photographer. We thought we’d put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) on some of the most common questions that come up.


1.Does your studio do engagement sessions before the wedding?

Yes! In fact, all of our wedding packages include a complementary engagement session. We love doing these sessions to get to know you before your big day, see how you move in front of the camera and give you a chance to get to know how we work.

After your engagement session, we love to put together custom guest books with your images and we can also do save the dates. We really are a one-stop-shop for your wedding photography needs.

2. How important is having a second shooter?

While there are some photographers that work alone for weddings, there is a reason most use a second shooter. Sure, you want your posed, wide angle shots from your big day, but just as important are the candid moments between you and your spouse-to-be, family and friends.   When you order a wedding cake, you don’t just choose the one that looks the best on the outside, chances are you’re going to taste it as well. Similarly, wedding photography isn’t just the posed moments; it’s those small moments in between-a laugh, smile or whisper, that you’ll treasure just as much.

Also, your second shooter often helps your main shooter set up some of the most dynamic posed shots. Fluffing a veil, fixing a train, tossing rose petals-all behind the scenes jobs of the second shooter.


3.  Help! I love your photography but I just can’t choose a package. What should I do?

We always love for our couples (and their families) to make an appointment to come to our studio for a consultation. Seeing the different albums, examples of cards, and meeting the team in person always makes the decision easier. Sure, over the phone we can give you the run-down of packages, explaining the different albums, but there is nothing like paging through our Italian wedding album, seeing the bold colors, and feeling the craftsmanship.

With that being said, the biggest differences between our packages are the type/size of the album(s) included and whether you want high-resolution images or low-resolution images. If you can’t make it in to the studio for an in-person consultation, we are happy to chat over the phone, or possibly make arrangements to meet at a place convenient to you.



4.  What if we’re running behind on our wedding day? Do you stay late?

We understand there are a lot of moving parts on a wedding day. Sometimes, when one piece runs behind, it can push back the schedule for the day.

We will go over a detailed schedule of photography for your wedding day with you before hand. While lateness does not guarantee that all shots can be done (i.e. the sun goes down), should unforeseen circumstances arise that cause a delay in the schedule we will work with you and your venue to include as many of the shots discussed as possible. However, we are happy to stay beyond our scheduled departure time with an overtime fee.


5.  How far in advance should we book our wedding with you?

This is our most popular question! We do a lot of weddings every year and are on the preferred venders list at several venues. We do tend to book up pretty quickly, especially during wedding season. Most weddings are booked at least one year out. However, don’t hesitate to contact us about availability. There are occasionally last minute spots available!


6.  What will you wear to my wedding?

Your wedding day is about you, your family and your guests. As your photographers, it’s our job to blend in. Our attire will match the attire of your wedding. Formal or casual, we dress as one of your guests would to avoid being a distraction.


7.  Some of my family members don’t get along but I want them all together in some of the pictures. How do you deal with sticky family situations?

We get it, every family situation is different and things can get touchy easily. When we go over the schedule of photography with you before your wedding, we’ll ask which members of your family you’d like to be in your formal photographs. If, say one set of parents don’t get along but you’d like them both in the photos, we take on the responsibility of quickly asking them to stand by you (on opposite sides!) for a picture. This always works to capture the image you want without any messy situations.


8.  What products do you offer?

We love this question! We are a custom studio, so anything you order through us has been custom edited and designed. We offer everything you may need photographically for your wedding. We love to design high-end guest books, to Save-the-Dates, Thank You cards, and wedding albums. We also offer professional quality canvases and prints.

If there is something specific you’d like in your wedding photography package, be sure to let us know. We love to customize the packages to give each couple exactly what they’re looking for.


9.  Do you allow other people (our guests and members of the wedding party) to take pictures while you’re there?

We believe it’s your choice whether you’d like to have an unplugged (no cameras) wedding or allow guests to take pictures. Some couples hire us to do all of the picture taking, wanting their guests to be in the moment with them. While others love to hashtag their event and invite their guests to partake in picture taking. We believe the choice is yours (even if you want to take your own selfie right before you walk down the isle!)

However, we may politely ask a guest to step aside or let us step in front so as not to miss any of the important moments of your day-after all you’re paying us to be there to professionally capture the most important day of your life.


10.  Can I request certain shots?

Absolutely! There are some shots that are not to miss in a wedding-first kiss, family formals, and cake cutting. However, if there is something else you’d like to have captured, please be sure to let us know!

However, photography is an art. Because no two weddings are the same, no two wedding galleries are either. As artists, we love to play with the available light, mood, and personalities of the day to create something special and unique for each couple.



We hope we’ve answered some of your top wedding photography questions! If you have another question or you’d like to book a consultation to go over your wedding, we’d love to hear from you!

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