Matt & Cassie | The Pearl


We had a wonderful time shooting the Blench wedding. Cassie and Matt were fun to work with and their fun chemistry was easy to capture.

The Pearl’s funky atmosphere provided a perfect back drop for the evening. Overall we had a wonderful time, thank you for letting us be a part of  your special day!


How was your experience with the Cean One family?
“Great experience. We had an idea of what we wanted that was outside of our price range.
The Cean One family delivered quality product and gave us a few options to help us understand how we could utilize our budget.” -Cassie
 “Of all of our vendors, Cean One was the one we decided we just had to have.
After looking at the work that you had done for other couples, and seeing what the other studios had to offer,
there was just no more discussion. And you guys totally delivered.” – Matt

What did you like most about your experience?

Our couples photos are so beautiful. I’m not a cheezy/fairy tale/bride kinda girl, but I was really touched by those pictures of us.”

How did you like the Pearl as your venue?

“LOVED it. It was everything we wanted. I’m not the super crafty type, or country type, or princess type and all the venues we saw felt like something unauthentic to us.

This was SUPER San Diego. Retro, casual/comfy/funky but high class F&B, and the service standard there is above and beyond.”

Matt, at what moment did you decide you were going to propose to Cassie?

When she told me I was going to. Lol. I was actually really nervous about it because marriage, in my mind,

was something that I decided a long time ago was going to be forever for me when I did it.

And Cassie will tell you I love to think think think about things. Cassie taught me that sometimes in life you just have to have faith.

And when I realize that she was right (typical) that’s when I knew I wanted to propose.”

How did you two meet?
“Well… we were both coming down from a weekend of hard partying hard and were introduced by a mutual friend.
We went to the beach in a group – I don’t even know if I had brushed my teeth. No makeup, bikini, a BIG burrido… it was not sexy.
Looking back, I probably should have been concerned how in to that he was, lol.
He got my number and called me for months but I was busy getting my life together to take a big international trip.
A year went by as he stalked me online, and when he saw a mobile check in that I was near his area (basically on a date btw)
he convinced me to have breakfast with him the next day. The rest is history.
“The colorful” version of this story can be found on our wedding website    “

What was your first date?

“Swami’s in Encinitas… then the gardens across the street… then the beach below… I was not prepared for an outdoor day and got FRIED. “

Cassie, what was going through your head when you were walking down the isle?

“OMG I can’t believe this is real’. As cliche as it is, I was about to marry the man of my dreams. After all the bull$&#t you go through to find him,

its unreal that it’s actually going to happen for you – and its not until that moment that is sinks in.”

Matt, what were your thoughts when you saw Cassie walking towards you?

I won!

I just couldn’t believe how stunning and happy she looked and I was so thankful that it was her and me and we were about to do this thing together.”


Matt, how did you propose?

It was Valentine’s Day. I took her to Balboa Park – our favorite place in the city.

I had staked the park out a week earlier to find the best place at the right time of day with the right lighting and would have the best backdrop

and I decided on Main Street in front of the reflecting pool and when we got there, there was a street performer with a HUGE crowd. I played it cool cause

I had a secondary and alternate location ( proper planning prevents piss poor performance), so we cruised around a bit, enjoyed the scenery

and made our way to the bridge right in front of the botanical gardens. I asked a stranger to take our picture and pulled the ring from my pocket.

I picked the right guy too cause as soon as I got down on one knee, he threw it into video mode. It worked out beautifully. She couldn’t say no, we were in public.”






Cassie, what is your favorite part about Matt and why?

“Lighthearted. Matt balances me so well. He is so many things I wish I was (though this is probably the first/last time he’ll ever hear it).

I am an intense person in most capacities, which has its pros and cons. I can always count on Matt to not take me too seriously,

which can be hard to do. He has thick skin. And he can make me laugh ANYTIME. No matter what. He lightens the air.

Its the best thing someone like me could have in a lifelong companion.”


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