Five Tips to Rock Boudoir

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but love is always in the air here at Cean One Studios. Boudoir is the perfect way to start off a marriage, celebrate an anniversary or just feel good in your skin. Here are some of our best tips for rocking your boudoir session.


  1. Wordrobe, wordrobe, wordrobe!

Whatever size you are, properly fitting lingerie can make or break your images. When your clothes fit well, you will feel better and look better. If you aren’t sure about sizes or fit while shopping, ask a sales associate-it’s their job to know what works best for different body types.

Once you’ve found the perfect lingerie, don’t forget to remove the tags before your session. Also, be sure to wear loose fitting clothing to your session. Skin marks from elastic can last long after you’ve removed it.




  1. Hair and Makeup are a must.

You’ve spent the time picking out the perfect lingerie, decided on a location, so your hair and makeup should be just as special. Remember, not everything that looks good in real life translates well on camera. Professional hair and makeup can take your images from good to unforgettable. We have hair and makeup stylists, just ask when you book your session.

If you’d still rather do it yourself, be sure makeup has a matte finish and give hair more curl and volume than you normally would.



  1. Details Matter.

It’s the little things that will give your images an extra polished look. Nail polish on nails and toes should match and if you plan to wear stockings be sure to being extras in case of a run. Also, jewelry can be a great prop and works well to frame your face!



  1. Pose in the Mirror.

Although it may sound silly, practice posing before your session. Smile in the mirror and take note of your favorite side. You will feel more comfortable the day of your session if you’ve already practiced being a model in the privacy of your own house.



  1. Trust your Photographer!

This may sound contrary to the last tip, but it’s true-trust your photographer! We, at Cean One are professionals who know how to make you look your best in your images. There may be a pose that feels strange, but through our lens it looks awesome!



Now that you’ve got our inside tips, contact us to book your boudoir session- in studio or on location. Gift certificates are available.

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